The openeducation concept is based on the belief that children learn and grow at different rates, that are eager and curious about learning, and they learn best when they are able to pursue their interest. The emphasis in an open classroom is on the integration of the total curriculum, rather than on the separate subject matter. Academic reading skills, writing numbers conceptscompromise a natural part of learning. The child’s play is very important. It encourages children to explore, manipulate and construct; classroom space encourages this. Learning centers are set up throughout the room. Each child can select where and with whom they want to spend.

Changing The Hands Childcare Center is designed to provide for multicultural experiences in an open-space concept and embraces all areas in the child’s environment created by the center facilities. The staff nurtures the child’s sense of independence and encourages exploration and the making of choices.


Weekly Rates ($132.00)
Monthly Rates ($528.00/$660.00)


Weekly Rates ($115.00)
Monthly Rates ($460.00/$575.00)


Weekly Rates ($99.00)
Monthly Rates ($396.00/$495.00)


Weekly Rates ($196.00)

2 Year Old

Weekly Rates ($178.00)

3 Years Old

Weekly Rates ($160.00)

4-5 Years Old

Weekly Rates ($150.00)

School Age

Weekly Rates ($100.00)

Drop In

Daily Rates ($40.00)

After School

Weekly Rates ($50.00)
Monthly Rates ($200.00/$250.00)

Summer Camp

Weekly Rates ($75.00)
Monthly Rates ($300.00/$375.00)

Drop in

(When Available)
Daily Rates ($40.00)



2 Years


3 Years


4 Years


5 Years




Meal Programs